PDTA, is designed to give a real time driving experience to cross skilled and unskilled drivers in different vehicle segments. Professional Driver Training Academy – Is much more than a Driving School. It is an Educational and Development Academy for the highway transport industry to retain the best of driving skills. The Academy is a multi-faceted Training Development program on Drivers' Driving Ability.

Salient Features

Contemporary Class rooms, sound proof ambience with comfortable seating arrangements Videos, Animations and interaction activities featuring a newly updated curriculum. Most advanced type LCD projectors for sharp view to see real videos. Uninterrupted Electrical supply arrangements.

A comprehensive approach to training:

The training academy is equipped with vehicles, road and terrain of every conceivable configuration, modern infrastructure including a state-of-the-art driving simulator and a scientifically designed curriculum. A comprehensive approach to training is maintained throughout the process.

Core concepts:

Contemporary class rooms

Sound proof ambiance

Comfortable seating

Videos, Animations and interaction activities

Updated curriculum

The technical workshop includes get to know how the Engine, Gearbox, Clutch, Brakes, and other aggregates function. All aggregates are available with cut sections live models.