Key Features

Hyundai: 17 years in service.

Sales & Export : Moving 300 cars in a shift in the yard. 1500 cars moved every day

Assembly & PDI : 400 to 450 cars in a shift and daily 750 cars moved every day

GA : Experienced drivers for GA operations for Korean Expat.

Glovis : Loading staff and Lashing support for the yard movement.

Fire & safety : Safety officers deployed and drivers for ambulance.

Office Support : Staff support for Taxation, Treasury, Costing, and Data entry Operators.

Skilled staff : Mechanics, Technicians and back office staffs for HMP showroom

Honoured with Zero accident award for the year 2013 and 2016.

Rntbci & Rnaipl: 10 years in service

Drivers support for Expats for RNTBCI & RNAIPL & NMIPL

R&D - testing drivers for RNTBCI

Isuzu: 5 years

Drivers support for expat

Yard movement drivers support for sricity plant

R&D - testing for ISUZU vehicles.

Daimler: 4 years

Drivers support for Testing Vehicles

Drivers support for Marketing & sales

Drivers Support for FE testing